iSCHOOLS Ltd is a Wellington based company serving to keep schools connected !

We are committed to keeping schools connected. iSCHOOLS Ltd can connect schools with community through an online presence and by helping the school to establish and nurture a partnership, especially with the Maori community.

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Kopy Kat Report Writing Tool for Teachers !

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    iSCHOOLS Ltd can build you a professional school website from your prospectus. Our school expertise means we have a good idea of what should be on your site. Our sites are bright, user friendly and offer a great portal of communication between your school and whanau.

    We are building NOW to have sites ready for the start of school 2017 or sooner. SPECIAL DEAL !! $800.00 websites built ready for you to take over and maintain. Book in now to have your site ready for the new school year.
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    iSCHOOLS Ltd can help Boards of Trustees through the process of community consultation with the Maori community. With our help we can advise school boards on how best to strengthen their partnership with Maori to address Maori student achievement.
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    iSCHOOLS Ltd can provide schools with Professional Development workshops that address working with Maori learners and looking at ways in which schools can raise the profile of Maori to ensure schools are culturally safe and supportive, especially for Maori learners.